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Yamaha MT-07/FZ-07 // Akrapovic Exhaust (no DB-killer) + DNA Airfilter sounds/accelerations

Best with headphones or soundsystem.
Yamaha MT-07 sound of exhaust and accelerations.

Shot by mickkokphotography.

mt 07 akrapovic

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  1. Sounds fantastic!! Just like a Husqvarna Nuda 900R but not as deep!!

  2. What helmet is that? I've been looking for one like this for my mt-07

  3. Sounds awesome! Just got my 2016 silver 07 and got a akra titanium an pcv sitting in the garage waiting to go on! Can't wait! What headlight bulb you using?

  4. Hey man, do you need to install a power commander if you're installing this DNA air filter?

  5. Where did you buy the Japanse yamaha sticker?

  6. Best bike+exhaust combo out there. Puts a huge grin on my face every time I ride.

  7. Awesome sound! Curious, what rearsets do you have installed? They look awesome!

  8. Do you recommend this bike for someone over 6"2 ft? LOVE your bike!

  9. Epic Video Bro !!! I Love That Motorcycle So Much 😀 I Hope To Get One In Next 2 Years Or Less!! Take Care Man 🙂 Ride Safe

  10. did you retro fit a projector into the headlight housing or is it just a hid bulb?

  11. Sound awesome man love that deep aggressive sound. Just wondering do you recommend having the DNA filter with the Akrapovic TI? Or do you have other mods in there to make that sweet sound of yours? Aloha

  12. just installed the Dna stage 1 with the Delkavic system so hope.on a test ride she sounds as nice ????

  13. Does the air filter have the dna cover on it? (stage 2)?

  14. wow i think i found the exhaust i want for my bike!!

  15. Sounds way better than my inline 4… bittersweet video lol

  16. hey where did u get the belly pan from ?? i mean what is the brand name ?? :P

  17. Just here for my daily dose of eargasm… wow!!! cant wait to get mine :)

  18. no fuel management ? ecu re-flashing?

  19. God damn that's a awesome sounding bike man!

  20. Hey +jmkk where'd you get the akro exhaust without their red and yellow badge? I love how yours looks like it's laser etched on the side instead of having a bright red & yellow logo. Just got my FZ07 a month ago and it's time for a new exhaust!

  21. mate could you tell me what clothes do you have on this video??

  22. Curious if anyone knows of there's a big difference in sound between the carbon and titanium models? Thanks 

  23. How did you get the crackling/popping sound when slowing down?

  24. Mate, I love your bikes sound. Whats is your modification specs? Only Akrapovic and air filter? Has Akrapovic cat. or not?

  25. what a beautiful sounds.. 

  26. Nicely shot! I have the same bike, same exhaust. Love it!

  27. That bike sounds SICK!!!!! Love that almost v-8 sound. I think I found my new bike!!!!

  28. +jmkk I just installed my Akra Ti, been running it for 3 days with DB in, kit didn't come with a Cat.. Are you running with the cat?

    Hoping I dont have to remap with no cat and DBK…?

  29. this exhaust system is fantastic! even more so in person! I am picking mine up tomorrow with the titanium akrapovic exhaust system in the above clip. so pumped! :D

  30. Erg fet, jmkk! Your video should get some royalties from Yamaha and Akra because it will surely draw people's attention. Mazzel!

  31. Im not sure which of the two brothers sound better with the akrapovic titanium exhaust, the FZ-07 or the bigger brother FZ-09???? 

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