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Yamaha MT-07 / FZ07 Review & Test ride (part one)

Part one is the proper review, walkaround, riding around town.
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htRg9Vky3VA
Part two is me really pushing the bike. And laughing. And screaming. And lots more craziness.
Part two:

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Intro music is “Black Suit Zombie” by Phazer.
Go check ’em out here:
www.youtube.com/gophazer Wanna see me on a KTM RC390? Vote here!



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  1. Hey Cgaer, how would you compere the Honda CB650F vs the MT-07 in terms of a bike to have fun on. Like acceleration and so on :)

  2. TNX for reviev this video change my mind to buying this motorbike awsome1 from Yamaha i love it cheap and awsome ;)

  3. @9:28 The whole reducing the fender without a kit: I have not found a single how to guide on it just fender eliminator kits. Do you have any links or a bike to demonstrate?

  4. Chekov from Star Trek

  5. thumbs up for the pigeon

  6. Portugal looks amazing!

  7. In my country MT-07 costs 5990 (wthout abs) , ~6450 with abs and nc 750x 8.100 (with abs) …

  8. does the wind toss you around at highway speed?

  9. Ses quoi le problème de toujours passé entre les voitures au feux rouge un peut de respect en vert les autres conducteur de la route a temps ton tour comme les autres.

  10. Excelente review! Deve ser uma excelente mota para umas curvas, leve e com potencia suficiente.

  11. thumbs up for the pigeon

  12. Hey Cager! Sorry, for the late comments, but you made this 7 months before I bought my NC700X DCT. I also bought Michelin Pilot 3 & 4s for my bike and they are totally worth it. I did look into this naked bike, but the NC700 had the helmet compartment and the DCT automatic option, so it went to the top of my list. My next bike might be a Yamaha or Kawasaki or Triumph.

  13. Hi Cager, Can you please shine your opinion on the XJ6 diversion, MT07 and the Kawasaki ninja 650? You seem enthusiastic about the MT07 but did go for the XJ6 diversion. Look forward to hear why.

  14. Which one between MT-07 and XJ6 for beginners?

  15. How is the torque compared to the nc?

  16. fuuuuckk those cars in the beginning! what a long wait haha.

  17. Cager was saying about rumbling and vibration. I know its a 2 cylinder bike. Is the vibration making riding uncomfortable?

  18. It is a nice bike I pass my bike test on the MT-07

  19. Quick question, MT-07 or CB650F????

  20. Hi mate,I have the restricted Australian version 655cc,just bought this,I really like it ,very learner friendly.I like ur vlogs mate,keep up great work.

  21. He states that the bike costs €6100 with abs… that is BS. If I look it up on the yamaha website it states that the bike goes for €7199. So no, it isn't cheaper than the NC700. I would still prefer the MT 07 though based on the reviews.

  22. I love the scenery. Cool looking place you have there.

  23. Insect graveyard haha seems to be true . I would love it with a little windscreen … There are windscreens but it sucks that I have to pay for one …

  24. Cager,
        Nice reviews of this bike and MT-09(FZ-09 here in the USA). I just sold my DRZ-400S dual sport and having come off of a Ninja 650R(Inline twin) prior to that, do you think the FZ-09 is too much bike for me. I've been riding motorcycles since I was a teenager, but never a bike with the kind of power that the 09 has.
        I get the impression that the FZ-07 is a little more tame, but as torquey as the 09. As you seem to say in the video on the 09, I think it is much easier to get into trouble with that bike versus the 07'. My question is, provided you respect the throttle in the A mode on the 09, is the bike still controllable or does it surprise you often? Thanks. Be safe!

  25. Oh man, i just bought mine yesterday. Can't wait for it ‎( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

  26. Hey guys, I also own the Yamaha MT-07 now for a year and it's a awesome bike.
    I do also Videos and maybe I can help you out a little bit 🙂 
    I will answer every comment. 
    If you want to, check out my channel 🙂

  27. algum stand em particular para venda desta moto que tenhas confiança ?

  28. cager , podesme disser se é legal em portugal passar no meio de dois carros parados e fazer filtering?

  29. Why are you filming right into the sun??? You are giving me eye strain! It is better at 4 minutes. No I cannot hear the engine much.

  30. After your Video, i've bought my own MT 07. Could you please make a video about the MT 09 Tracer? :D

  31. Great video. What do you use for actioncam and mic combination? Your voice is very clear.

  32. nc 700 doesn't sell a lot in greece. Xt 660 are by far more popular.

  33. Its eventually arrived at the dealers after 3 months !!! Pick it up after xmas, now thats what I call a christmas present


  34. The position of the horn button seems really hard to reach for the small handed… Does anyone has something to say about this?? 

  35. I just got one two days ago, unfortunately I have to wait until January to pick it up but I'm so bloody exited.


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