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YAMAHA mt-07 / fz-07 akrapovic exhaust no db killer

it is bike of axel cochoteux (YOUTUBE playbike33) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnIJd6owlOVtWMa5z8_UCdg

axel is my friends, i play video whit axel
mt-07 exhaust akrapovic no db killer for nice soond
mt-07 / fz 07 2014 47.5hp in frensh


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  1. Great googly-moogly that's a fine sound!

  2. I have the same bike with same exhaust. Get yourself some smoked indicators. Looks great.


  4. sounds way better than CB500F.

  5. This video has convinced me. Was not sure whether the CBR500R or this bike. I'm restricted to 48hp (A2). As this particular bike in this video has also 48ish hp and it's fast and sounds gorgeous I'm sure,
    Thank you alot for the video.

  6. That's one of the cleanest 07s I've seen man. I want to get an all black one

  7. Okey, thanks for answering dude!

  8. Sorry, im a bit of a noobie in bikes, what is the db killer?

  9. How tall are you man ?

  10. sounds better than the Mt 09

  11. I'm definitely going with the Akrapovic as soon as I get my FZ-07. It sounds amazing, especially with no baffles.

  12. What's the other dude bike?

  13. you my friend have earned yourself a thumbs up on your video.

  14. This video does no justice for this exhaust, so much louder.

  15. this is sick. i love dual exhaust but this is nice too that its kept hidden and tidy. if i cant have dual exhaust sticking out in the butt than i dont want any exhaust visable but i do need my sound!

  16. Guys I was wondering if all akrapovik exhausts for the fz07 sound the same as this one, is the black one the same as this exhaust??

  17. what was the name of the akrapovic exhaust ?

  18. what specific model of akrapovic in this video? and compared to the yoshimura r77, similar sounding or more grunt? nice bike by the way!

  19. How does the Akrapovic Carbon compare to the Yoshimura Carbon system?

  20. i have a question, can anyone tell me if an mt07 would pop with akrapovic exhaust when decelerate? i love the popping sound of exhaust when decelerate……its so cool!!!

  21. For anyone who hasn't heard one of these in person (with the akrapovic) this video doesn't do it justice. I don't even like most two cylinder sounds, including the standard MT-07 exhaust, but this one just sounds divine.

  22. what is db killer? is that the baffles?

  23. That exhaust gives me a boner!

  24. unbelievable. I need this when I get this bike.

  25. +cyril did you have to get your bike flashed after you installed this exhaust or is it still running stock flash? Thanks!

  26. what else do you have done to this bike. I just got a 14 fz07. ordered the exhaust. but you have such massive acceleration and great top end! what other upgrades do you have?

  27. Dayum that shit sounds like a higher pitched R1, like holy shit I love that sound.

  28. I just jizzed in my pants :(

  29. Who makes those bars and grips?

  30. Sweetest sound ever…..you sir are the envy of most

  31. No video does justice to this motorcycle's sound.

    Revving the engine is a glorious sound and when i hear it pull off i die a little inside.

    I need one of these.

  32. nice, nice roooad!!

  33. wow, that sounds awesome.  I had a kawasaki ER6n and hated the way it sounded with a pipe.

  34. Nice sound. Congratulations for this vídeo.

  35. Fucking amazing sound.

  36. Def the best exhaust for the MT-07.

  37. tu as changé ton guidon pour une forme différente ou simplement la couleur ?


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