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Ultimate Exhaust Sound Yamaha MT-07/FZ-07: Akrapovic, Arrow, M4, Yoshimura, Termignoni

Yamaha MT07 / FZ07 Exhaust Sound Compilation / Comparison ft. Akrapovic, M4, Yoshimura, Arrow, Arashi Taylormade, Termignoni, Jeskap, Hurricane, and Soffiatto exhaust.Thanks for Watching!!! – JDM World

Outro Song – Linkin Park – A Place For My Head

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  1. The yoshimura makes no sound at idle?

  2. Akra. Take the baffle out and thank me later. I have one :D

  3. The Arrow exhaust sounds amazing… My #1 pick!

  4. I went with the IXIL Super Extreme and love it! Its got a deep rumble to it and it looks awesome. Here is my video on it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieC4_5hn6Uw

  5. arashi taylormade and akropovic are my favorites

  6. i think the arrow sounds the best, that i can tell from vids. But that blue one at the start may be an overseas none lams version. So how can you tell? Has anyone heard a arrow vs akrapovic in person?

  7. 2:10 R.I.P headphone users

  8. Is the Arrow exhaust with db killer or without?

  9. I love how this bike can sound like a ninja 300 and a mustang at the same time :))

  10. Yoshi first, then Akrapovic

  11. This is horribly inaccurate. The sound you hear on video is largely based on microphone and location.

  12. pointless video with such rubbish quality microphones sorry.

  13. Nice video! But the wheelie was the best at the end!????

  14. That akra though! Definitely the clear winner for me.

  15. Arrow wins, m4 second.
    For all the keyboard warrior noobs, it's A-Krap-O-Vich, not Akra-Po-Vich.
    Used to be Scorpion back in the day.
    Enjoy the ride.

  16. I prefer M4 because is very loud #Loudpipesavelive

  17. I'm buying a demo mt07 moto cage tomorrow, 250kms with full Akrapovic system for $8900

  18. This was kind of a pointless mash up. There are too many factors that come in to play with a sound clip like these like sound quality of the camera, and where they filmed it. To me the M4 sounded like shit because he was in a small room so the sound was bouncing all over the place.

  19. in real life, nothing comes close to the akrapovic Titanium.

  20. I can't imagine much performance gain but which is the lightest?

  21. arrow sound monster ????

  22. M4 sounds like an angry cat tbh

  23. termignoni sound calming

  24. nice wheelie!!! liked the stock! I'm still into the stock sound on the 07.

  25. I like the arrow most, has no imperfection in the rev unlike some others

  26. For everyone out there, it's u-krop-o-vich

  27. Br aqui ? Akrapovic ou só o Cano ? Huehuehueheu

  28. The best is Akrapovic.

  29. M4 sounds the best, next to a Straight Pipe

  30. Roadsitalia Projsix! Great value and awesome sound, even with no noise db killer!

  31. yoshi, akra or m4 are the beasts

  32. es una de las mejores mosto

  33. Big fan of stock here. Lol.

  34. I really love Yoshimura sound. Akra or Arrow as seconds.


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