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Top Speed Yamaha MT-07! – Cruising or Struggling?

Top speed Yamaha MT-07!
I just went for a Top Speed run on my Yamaha MT-07! After owning this bike for almost a year, I finally went to the German highway to ride with jet-speed. If anyone thinks you can easily ride above 200 km/h on a naked bike, i’ve got bad news for you: it’s a big struggle. A struggle to keep your head up facing the wind, and a struggle to ignore the immense wind noise and tribulation inside your helmet 😉 I have no windscreen on the MT-07 because I like the looks better ‘naked’. While this is not an issue with riding anything up 220 km/h, everything above that gets pretty uncomfortable. Personally this is not an issue for me, as I prefer to ride country roads and just enjoy the torgue in mid speed (2rd/3rd gear are awesome!!) of the MT-07 in short sprints, and pulling up after cornering: MT-07 at it’s best.

‘Top-speeding’ on the MT-07 is great for the rush. I believe i could have gone up to 220, while I only touched the 215 in this run.

My Gear
– Zoom H1 Audio recorder
– External mic MXL GoLav MM-165GP I synchronized the audio of the zoom with the audio recorder through my external mic which was attached directly to my Go Pro
– Yamaha MT-07
– Go Pro Hero 4 Black
– Helmet chin mount.
– Arai Chaser V Helmet

My Setup
Zoom H1 setup:
– low cut on
– auto level on
– wav
– Zoom H1 located in the front pocket of my backpack
– Wrapped in micro fiber cloth

yamaha mt 07

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  1. thts a fast bike, for a 680cc+ bike, i think its enough 🙂 i got a question though, you cant lane split at your country ? means you got stuck in traffic jams same like driving a car ?

  2. what is the name of intro song ?

  3. Great video! I've had my MT07 for two months (had a CBR10000RR for seven years before that). I've done over 5000km with my MT and I LOVE it! I put the small 'dark smoke' Puig screen on mine and it makes a hell of a difference to the comfort levels at speed. Have to agree with you about the acceleration – it's incredible! Enjoy your motorcycle, stay safe!

  4. Thank you for quick reply. I tested new 2016 cbr 500r and I liked it very much. Unfortunately I have no possibility to test MT-07. I read lots of praises and watched many videos and feel tempted. Well I think that riding on naked bike you are closer to the surrounding and the fairing you a bit separated. But as you said depends on distances you ride. Nice evening !

  5. Hi Niekoss please let me know comfortable cruising speed on this bike. I am hesitating between naked (street) bike like MT-07 and with full fairing. Thanks!

  6. mivv uitlaatje er onder en dan is je motor perfict

  7. I het makkelijk om de begrenzer van een yamaha mt 07 35kw te halen?

  8. I believe u r gearing to early even for a top speed, I believe u need more revs to get it

  9. Interesting, I couldn't get the xsr 700 above 198. Even though it has the same motor. But I will keep on trying ;)

  10. They pass you like JAAW!!!!! -Tom Hanks

  11. Hey is it legal to ride with no DB killer in holland? Thanks!

  12. heb je enige modificaties behalve de uitlaat?

  13. You were hanging on for dear life lol
    Nice crisp footage mate! I like the chin mount position maybe I will go back to it…much better for viewer.

  14. Volgende keer ga ik mee:) En die VW aan de politie doorgegeven?

  15. Dat is sneller dan ik ooit gereden heb xD

  16. niet comfortabel wel snel :p

  17. LOL Where the HELL is Ausfahrt!! J/K Beast ride though.

  18. Impressive im hoping to get a re-flash of ecu,allegedly this would give me 270kph top speed, still in development stage though.Try doing that with an Icon variant helmet almost rips your head off lol.

  19. Een 232 km/u op het tellertje op een "afgesloten circuit" hier in NL met de 09.
    Neen, in het geheel niet comfortabel, dan heb ik er zelfs nog het sportruitje op.
    Maar de snelheid waarmee die 200 km/u bereikt wordt is echt indrukwekkend.
    Met de 07 al net zo, alleen nog niet uitgeprobeerd wat de werkelijk top is…
    Zal met elkaar niet zoveel verschillen allemaal… je doet dat een keer en dan ben je het al snel zat, hey? ;)

  20. lekker ja ik ga er dan altijd bij emmrich af en dan van daan nog effen in Duitsland spellen

  21. dus 205 top speed? heb ik ook geprobeerd de top speed te bedeiken van mijn mt03 en dat is 175 kph

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