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MT07 1000 Mile Review & Walkround

Hi everyone this vlog is a subscriber request of a 1000 mile review of what I think of the bike plus my mods I have done.
The subscriber was BikerSi and you can find him at the link below… please show him some support! He has an MT07 on order too 😉
Oh and I found a Mustang on the way…lol 😀
Thanks for watching!!

yamaha mt 07 review

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  1. Do you think this is suitable for a Lightweight rider? I am tall but very slim. Weight for bikes is one of the biggest factors for me. I am currently riding a Duke125 (which is very light ofc) and I am researching for my next "big bike"

  2. Lucky you! I rode Harleys for many years. Then Triumphs for some more and now I'm ordering my MT 07 tomorrow! In red, with Mivv GP exhaust, Rizoma barend mirrors, heated grips and Ermax tailtidy. Best bike ever! Just as fun as the KTM 690 in the twisties and city, just as stabile as the BMW F800R on the bigger roads. Can't wait! :-)

  3. I'm 6ft 7 would I be too tall?

  4. Wicked video,I've subscribed in 1 min.
    How hard is it to keep them wheels clean ?

  5. Cheers pal, will defo be getting one very shortly so thanks for the info, keep up the vids ????????

  6. First of all 'very nice bike, How much have you spent on the akropovic n all the extras you reckon? I'm just looking at an mt07 myself, what a bike they are.

  7. Holy chicken strips! Bike looks good mate. Smart to go for yamaha parts.The yellow accents on this grey model look good with the British rear number plate.

  8. Dude, I literally want my bike just like that! how much does it cost you all in? Love the mods!

  9. One day… One day.

  10. Look greats! Love that wheel color. Was that a kickstand shoe?

  11. 'Apologies if the quality suffers because of water on the lens' – no mate, it is your potty mouth which ruins the quality.

  12. how tall are you? I like the moto cage version

  13. how tall are you? I like the moto cage version

  14. subed ,fooking bike is the shit, your videos are a gas!

  15. that mustang was junk, come to the U.S those tings are a dime a dozen, #junk

  16. alright mate, gunna order the fluo MT tomorrow I reckon, Just out of interest…. where did you get the grey body coloured pillion seat cover?

  17. How do you think this bike would do on a long trip, let's say a euro 3 week tour ?

  18. Can't tell you how many times I've watched this haha! it's the bike i want to get next for my first big bike too as i like the more up right position too

  19. Nice review, i just love that bike, actualy i'm considering buying one 😀
    Regards from Portugal!!

  20. Love the vids! I picked up my MT07 a couple of weeks ago with the Akro exhaust. Baffles coming straight out this Thursday!! All the accessories you have fitted really finish the bike off. Looks awesome! Keep up the videos – love em!

  21. I'm in the states and I don't think that color is here, I could be wrong but dang those colors look real good. Exhaust, I agree it should be one of the first things and it sounds good. Good vid and be safe out there ????

  22. Wish I knew they were bringing that color to the US when I got my matte silver 07 in October. I love the color on mine but damn does that neon pop.

  23. Really awesome bike! Looking into buying one of these in the US. How much does dirt show up on the florescent yellow wheels? Love them, but I don't want to wash my bike every day to make it look nice.

  24. Are you on an a2 licence?

  25. All the right mods, looks and sounds fantastic. Did it come with the hi-viz yellow wheels? I haven't seen that in the states. That color wheels would look good on my gsx-r1000 because it has that color pin striping.

  26. sorry if my question is obvious, but why not show the speed ? I am Brazilian and I can not understand. Thanks

  27. Nice video, do you have the catalytic converter in your pipe? Looking on the Yamaha site and says exhaust system not street legal without cat, but how can anyone know? In your MOT? Does it affect sound/performance? Thanks bro. Cannot wait to get my MT-07

  28. such a sexy looking bike especially with the colour scheme.

  29. Great review dude! The bike looks awesome!

  30. do you have a power commander on there?

  31. You've got yourself a nice bike my friend. I just bought mine as well and I'm picking it up in a few weeks. Got myself the Yoshimura Exhaust with a Power Commander to control my fuel management, Yoshimura fender eliminator and I got the same LED turn signal lights just like yours. I also got the Yamaha front wind screen and some R&G sliders with the R&G titanium radiator grills. We pretty much have a very similar setup, haha! I got the Matte Silver/blue combo.

    I'm curious if you're running with a fuel/air management or did you get your ECU reflashed at all since you're running the akrapovic exhaust.

  32. How's it going pal, after a week of waiting etc. I'm picking my 16 plate up tomorrow at 11am, canny fooking wait, same colour, without the extras atm.

  33. im so jealous, getting mine on the 25th 😀 and cant wait!!!!!!!

  34. beautiful bike mate..

  35. Why do you blur your speedometer?

  36. Could you post a link to the pillion cover? =]

  37. i am in the looking for a new bike, out of intrest how much around with the extras ?

  38. Oh the life of 2 cylinders! The SV got me the same mileage as my ZX so it's an upgrade regardless. But I'm always impressed with the mileage on the FZ. Good review bro

  39. Bike looks fantastic.

  40. whats the top speed of this bike restricted in mph?

  41. Great vid again!
    My MT comes next week, new 16 plater…. Gone for the Matt Grey one.. I cannot wait!!!!!!

  42. Great review mate! sc projects exhaust I would want when I get mine

  43. great review. keep it up

  44. Cool man and 59mpg not bad ????

  45. Nice one glad your enjoying your MT. I was you last year and had just picked up my MT not too long ago first big bike aswell. Managed 7000 miles and heaps of fun in my first year. Your in for one amazing first year. Keep an eye on the yamaha tail tidy, mine corroded really bad despite taking care of it, known corrosion issue found more on forums, but that could be sorted now. Don't know how some of you lads manage with the baffle out. I'm running no cat and a modified baffle and I already feel anti-social sneaking down my street at night coming home trying to be quiet haha.


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