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How to change oil on Yamaha MT 07 (FZ-07)

Step by step directions from the owners manual on the proper steps to change the oil on a Yamaha MT 07.

Engine oil and oil filter cartridge

The engine oil level should be checked before each ride. In addition, the oil must be changed and the oil filter cartridge replaced at the intervals specified in the periodic maintenance and lubrication chart.

To check the engine oil level
1. Place the vehicle on a level surface and hold it in an upright position. A slight tilt to the side can
result in a false reading.
2. Start the engine, warm it up for several minutes, and then turn it off.
3. Wait a few minutes until the oil settles, and then check the oil level through the engine oil level check window located at the bottom-left side of the crankcase.
4. If the engine oil is below the minimum level mark, add sufficient oil of the recommended type to raise it to the correct level.

To change the engine oil (with or without oil filter cartridge replacement)
1. Place the vehicle on a level surface.
2. Start the engine, warm it up for several minutes, and then turn it off
3. Place an oil pan under the engine to collect the used oil.
4. Remove the engine oil filler cap the engine oil drain bolt and its gasket to drain the oil from the crankcase.
5. Remove the oil filter cartridge with an oil filter wrench.
6. Apply a thin coat of clean engine oil to the O-ring of the new oil filter cartridge.
7. Install the new oil filter cartridge with an oil filter wrench, and then tighten it to the specified torque with a torque wrench.
8. Install the engine oil drain bolt and its new gasket, and then tighten the bolt to the specified torque.
9. Refill with the specified amount of the recommended engine oil, and then install and tighten the oil filter cap.

Oil quantity:

Without oil filter cartridge replacement:
2.30 L (2.43 US qt, 2.02 Imp.qt)

With oil filter cartridge replacement:
2.60 L (2.75 US qt, 2.29 Imp.qt)

Engine oil:
Recommended brand:
YAMALUBE or any other motorcycle specific oil

SAE 10W-30, 10W-40, 10W-50, 15W-40, 20W-40 or 20W-50

source : youtube & Ridergroups.com

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