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Custom Yamaha MT07 – REVIEW

Here is my buddy’s Yamaha Mt07, that looks absolutely MAAAD, so i thought i;d share it with yall.

Let me know if you want to see more crazy custom bikes like this, cause i ahve a few lined up.

Instagram: @tempcitz
Twitter: @Tempcitz

Peace, plebs

yamaha mt 07 review

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  1. "Getting through traffic" ????????????

  2. Subbed, from SA too 😀 Who did the sharpie job & how much?! Looks shmick!

  3. G'day mate. I'm 6'5 ft and getting my bike license. I've been thinking of getting this bike and was wondering if I'd be comfortable on this. Did your legs feel cramped up at all?

  4. Get a test ride on the CB650F LAMS then decide what is the best Lams bike cause i wanna know

  5. I'd trade the hyosung for a mt07 any day haha ,

  6. Wait wtf! He swapped a hyosung 650 for an Mt07 with 1000km on it? Was the guy drunk or retarded or both by any chance?

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