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#110 Yamaha MT-07 2016 – First Impressions Review!!

Hey guys! Today i am talking about my first impressions of the Yamaha MT-07 that i bought on the 21/06/2016.

Going through a few points, what mods i have done, talking about acceleration and a 0-60mph (limit 6krpm due to breaking in)

*MPG is currently around 60mpg so 120 miles per 9 liters of fuel.

Parts fitted:

Bulldog Rad Guard: http://goo.gl/mXlSW1
Strada Racing 7 Levers: http://goo.gl/cKFOM8
Tail Tidy: http://goo.gl/RhTiR7


Any questions, message me or comment!

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Bike: Yamaha MT-125 ABS 2015 / Yamaha MT07 ABS 2016
Exhaust: Scorpion Serket Taper/Akrapovic Universal Exhaust
Camera: GoPro Hero 4 Silver
Mic: Dagee DG-001
Helmet: Shark S700S Trax/MT Helmets Thunder

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Ride safe 😀

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  1. Congrats on the new bike. At the ripe old age of 35 I'm just about to do my cbt and looking at getting a cb125f to learn on for a year before doing my full licence. Did you find the cb125f an enjoyable bike to learn on and would you recommend starting on a 125 seen as I'm a complete novice.

  2. Well done Ben for passing your test I'm hoping to do mine this year I've also got my eyes on the 07

  3. Well done mate lovely bike ????
    Stay safe

  4. iam picking up my mt07 matt grey on the 9th of july. CANT WAIT!! your filling the time very well! already looking at aftermarket parts as you do :D

  5. Sweet 🙂 Thanks for the upload, can't wait to trade my MT125 in, now if I can just get that DAS…lol

  6. blur out the number plate and I like the new intro

  7. Well done passing big man! I've been off grid so catching up on everything been doing the Scottish 500!! But looks nice mate

  8. i love the 07 it just eats the road lol nom nom :-)

  9. Nice one u got the MT-07 congrats dude

  10. Nice get an akra exhaust and you will love it more !!

  11. 8:40 you see though, one of the main reasons I'd get that bike is because of the sound with say an Akrapovic or Leo Vince.

    you'd hate yourself for thinking otherwise after hearing one with aftermarket cans.

    you should watch a video or two of them. search "Yamaha MT07 sound" and your ears will melt

  12. same colour as me.What levers are they?

  13. nice bike i hope i see you in llanelli some day

  14. Nice. You have different tyres than mine.

  15. Glad you finally got it, dude. :)

  16. it's a beast of a machine Ben my friend…great vid…you stay safe lad

  17. that bike will hit 60mph just in 2 gear


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